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Please give specific, detailed examples of what the Nurse does that is considered to be above and beyond what is expected of the nominee as a part of their job description. Nominees don't score as high based on minimal descriptions, blank narrative sections, and/or little to no detailed examples. Usually, the more detailed examples that are given, the higher the points awarded.

How has this individual been a role model and exemplified compassionate care giving?

What are this individual's leadership qualities?

What are this individual's significant contributions to the community?

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Scoring & Selection:
1. Nominees are selected based on score received during the scoring process.
2. Multiple nominations by different individuals received for the same nurse are scored separately.
3. All Stars in Nursing recipients will be featured in the May/June Richmond and Charlottesville/ShenVA editions and in the June/July Roanoke/NRV and Lynchburg editions of OurHealth magazine.
4. Recipients will be notified by the end of March.

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